New Album!

Grace is Hell to Keep Album Mp3

New Album!



Grace is Hell to Keep



Let me know if you want the CD signed!

CD Shipped to you!   SONGS:
  1. Not Too Late (lyrics)
  2. Brittle Bones (lyrics)
  3. Makeup in the Makeout Room (lyrics)
  4. Darkest Blue (lyrics)
  5. Pull Back to You (lyrics)
  6. Here Comes the Rain Again
  7. Threw It Away 
  8. Ballroom Mama (lyrics)
  9. Grace is Hell to Keep 
  10. Oh Revelry 
  11. Perfectly Bird & Coltrane
CREDITS: All songs written by Amee Chapman and Nichole Robbins. All songs recorded at Station to Station Recording Studio by Dana Gumbiner excluding “Darkest Blue” which was recorded at Gadgetbox Recording Studios by Andy Zenczak. All songs mixed by Alan Evans excluding “Darkest Blue” which was mixed by Andy Zenczak. Album Mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering. MUSICIANS:
  • Dave Wren – Pedal Steel on all tracks
  • Mike Johnson – Guitar on #4 and 7
  • Mike Sparber – Mandolin on “Darkest Blue”
  • Slade McCombs – Bass on “Darkest Blue”
  • Paul Garcia – Drums on “Darkest Blue”
  • Chris Toy – Bass on All tracks except #4
  • Todd Lewis – Drums on all tracks except #4
  • Ken Burnett – Mandolin on #9 and 10
  • Alan Evans – Guitar on #7
  • Steve Randall – Guitar on #2 and 11
  • Luke Janela – Cello on #6 and 10
  • Lee Bob Watson – Rhodes on #7
  • David Guarente – Banjo on #2, 3 and 8
  • Kris Yunker – Hammond B3 on #1 and 3
  • Julie Thornton – Egg Shaker on #3
  • Dre Kernodle – Background Vocals on #1, 3, 7, 10
  THANKS: Every record I do reflects a snapshot in time.  Listening back I can  recall all of the creativity and love that went into making it. Grace is Hell to Keep is no different. To my old band mates in The Big Finish who started this journey with me: Dave, Chris, Ken and Todd, I thank you. You made these songs come alive. Especially to Dave Wren and the miles of road between us, I am grateful that the 80 is a nice stretch of road. To the folks who added all the extra goodness in the studio: Dana, Alan, Steve, Luke, Lee Bob, David, Kris, Emery, Dre and Julie. You are all inspirational and I am so happy you all shine on this record. Photo Credit: Front:Nichole Robbins iPhone Back: Niku Nelson To The Velvet Tumbleweeds: Dave, Mike, Paul, Mike and Slade.  I am having so much fun playing with you and I am honored that you are a part of my band. Darkest Blue is one of my favorite tracks, and it was great to see you take it on and nail it. To the folks who contributed along the way when I reached out and asked for help. The response was overwhelming and I was able to keep going on this record! Thanks to Claire, Kirsten, Terrence, Anna, Heather, Daniel, Jan, Bob, Candice and those who wish to remain anonymous, you were the catalyst to finally finishing this record, 6 years in the making. To my family and friends, I am constantly amazed by your love and support. Especially to Nichole and Harper, you are my loves and my life.          
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Amee Chapman