Time Keeps on Tickin’

After much time away from playing music, I am slowly getting back into the groove in more ways than one. Leading a band is hard, especially with a family and a full time job. So I decided that the huge wall of sound may not be for me. I have started back with some of the guys playing ALL acoustic. This feels nice. We are gonna show off the all acoustic at Cantine Winepub in Aptos on December 6th. Show starts at 7:30. Come hang out and sing along! Glad to be back.   Oh and I am starting to spin Vinyl Records at a night we are calling Vinyl Sunday. The idea is to have a different theme music for each night and pair some wine, beer and tapas specials with the music. Chill out on a Sunday afternoon to some favorite genres.

No shows booked at the moment.

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Amee Chapman